Taizé’s Comunity Criticism

You are welcome! This article Includes Critical Observations on the Community of Taizé and his Meetings “Only for Young People”.

Foreword: this is a Free and Contrary Commentary which in no way intends to undermine the Great Merits of the Beneficent Taizé’s Community!

Yes because it is good that Christians must be good and mainly keep silent about Mistakes, but now it is also Due To Observe if in a Community that should be a representative of Christ, the adopted methods are consistent with the Gospel Message.

This is so much more Necessary to try to Alert and Safeguard the Youth from the Spiritual Pitfalls that derive from Joining a Community that is Closed to the Royal Participation of Adults that when “Allowed” are then Relegated in a “Ghetto” of Silence.

So the Community à of Taizé in a Closed Regime tries as much as possible to Prevent the Active Participation of Qualified External Adult Observers.

But I mean, they have many Good Reasons to Act like So… Because Life it’s Hard!

But here the Adult Group’s Companions are Influenced by the Enthusiasm of the Youth and therefore lack the Necessary Freedom of Spirit and Objectivity necessary to observe and Examine in Detail the Evangelical Coherence of Methods and Purposes Adopted.

Unfortunately, now the Community of Taizé is carring on a “Reactive” and “Discriminatory” type of Christianity based on the Exaltation of Youth and a general Refuse of Adults because no longer Considered as Compliant.

Taizé's Comunity Criticism - Nazi Taize Flag

To continue, then it is; as well necessary to try to guide the Young Participants in the Meetings of Taizé in the Sifting and Deepening what the Contents of the Faith are in the Evangelical Message.

Finally, and always by Coherence with the Evangelical Contents, I strongly urge the Community of Taizé to Account Publicly about the use of the Economic Profits Derived from its Operate.

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